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We Provide Low Cost Musical Experiences for austin's children.
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Learn how GroundWork Creates joy through music for Austin's Youth.

Low Cost Lessons

Our mission is to provide free and low cost music lessons to young children with limited means.
Through our programs, children learn to sing, dance, keep a beat, carry a tune, play an instrument, create arrangements, perform for an audience, and collaborate on a creative endeavor

LEarn Music

Children respond to music from the moment they are born, and we work to activate this response to its fullest potential. Through playful activities, we have children, from infancy to pre k singing dancing and playing instruments. We help classroom teachers and parents learn to develop their musical interactions with kids

Play Ukulele

The ukulele is manageable for small hands, and packs a wallop of versatility. We have brought parents and kids together to learn the instrument in tandem, and we have worked with kids as young as five to discover the expressive value of this instrument.

Take the Stage

Students in Groundwork’s programs have ample chances to share the stage with professional musicians at well attended events. Taking music and musical activity into public spaces elevates our activities and motivates our students to bring their personal best to their musical endeavors

Professional Instruction

Groundwork’s teachers have received training through both the James Hill Ukulele Initiative and Music Together. We additionally provide rigorous in-house training, and keep our teachers up to speed with a library of original songs written by teachers themselves.


Stay tuned for information on group classes or email us about private lessons
Information on 2022 lessons coming soon


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Groundwork Music Project Holiday Concert

Friday December 10 6:30- 9:00 PM

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